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Untes, Air Conditioning Specialist, targets sustainable comfort and efficiency: the best solution to meet the our business partners' expectations ensuring comfort, maximum energy efficiency, optimized
Our corporation, which was established as ILMAKSAN Air Conditioning Machine Manufacturer Industry Co. was named ILMAKSAN Air Conditioning Machine Manufacturer Industry Import/Export Co. with adding the names import and export in 2004, continues to work in the 1600 m² closed area in the air-conditioning sector over than 25 years in Izmir. Our Company is the producer&exporter of AIR DUCT MACHINES and SHEET METAL BENDING/FOLDING MACHINES that mainly needed at ventilation industry. If demanded we can produce private machines. Special order is acceptable. All ILMAKSAN machines are manufactured with the EAC,CE,Gost-R and ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certificates. Also have “Local Property Certificate” taken from Aegean Region Chamber of Industry. We use all innovations of techonology on our manufactured machines and in order to respond demands of clients we always improve ourselves as our techonology,products,quality…etc. ILMAKSAN can meet all expectations of its customers with successful staff. We also provide training service for new sold machines and malfunctioning/maintenance service for old machines with our specialist staff in our factory or customer’s factory. Our company has become a demanded brand with our service guarantee,with satisfaction of our clients,serious commercial principle and our ethical standarts of profession without any compromising quality in Turkey and all around the world. We have already experience in export business in Russia (as dealer system), Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Tunis, Germany, the Balkan States (Bulgaria,Romania,Serbia,Georgia), Turkish Republics (Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,Uzbekistan), Cyprus,Irak,Iran and some Europen countries. Day by day we expand our market field.
Our company, who has a experience about HVAC and Energy Solutions over 10 years, has turn-key services in Commercial Air Conditions including project design, sales and after sales (installation, maintenance, spare parts etc.) operations. We response our customers’ needs quickly, because we know that time is very important in today’s world. Therefore we give right and fast feedbacks to you in all operations such as quotation, shipment and installation. Besides we provide optimum solutions, both of investment and operating costs by following technological developments in HVAC & Energy Solutions. Our company is able to give competitive prices without compromising of quality.
Invest Engineering Co. Ltd was founded based long times experience in engineering and automation and now continues it's business activity under this name.We have many years of experience in Water Pumps Station, Medium Voltage Projects, Industrial Automation,Led Lighting Systems ,Solar Systems Projects,Cooling- Ventilation -Hvac Systems manufacturer and Energy Efficency Solutions .We are motivated by the challenges posed by customers working in demanding environments With developing and changing technology, user expectations are increasing constantly in the world, a company' s future is depending on client confidence, quality and services that offer high-quality products for the market. It's the main target of our company to think about the unique needs of each customer and respond to them so we have determined it as basic principles of our work. As a part of our project we use our combined experience and technical innovation in this sector. The accumulation of experience lets us use this technology not only in the newly established facilities, but also in the preinstalled ones and provide support of the system. Our vision is to become one of the fastest growing companies in the automation market in Turkey by providing reasonable prices, high quality and advanced technology. To success while keeping up with technologies, our team believes that every aspect of the efficient and observable system should be monitored and also we check products and installation at every stage, avoiding mistakes that's why efficiency and quality of our products will continue increasing. Our goal is entering local and global market using professionally modern technologies. Our company's main areas of expertise can be summarized as follows: Engineering and Automation Services Led Lighting systems Drinking and waste pump stations Driver and Softstarter sales, repair, commissioning, preventative maintenance Medium Voltage Soft Starters driver and device sales, repair, preventive maintenance, commissioning PLC and SCADA Solutions, Automation Machine, HVAC, pump, fan Water and Wastewater Automation Wireless Communication Systems Energy efficiency consulting Solar systems
OZSAYIN is sharing its knowledge with the world in the cooling systems industry since its creation in 1982, offering its expertise trough a wide range of new and remanufactured cooling systems and compressors for a selling or renting purpose. With OZSAYIN you can give your old or broken equipment another life by repairing it, or you can trust its qualified team to propose you a cooling and air conditioning solution adapted to your industrial sector, allowing you to work in the best environment possible. OZSAYIN is based in Turkey and managed to achieve many innovations in the sector satisfying clients in Mediterranean, South East Anatolia, Central Anatolia, Aegean, Marmara Region and over 15 countries. *FIELD OF ACTIVITY: Cooling Systems Manufacturing (chiller), Cooling Systems Rental, Cooling Systems Sale, Cooling Systems Maintenance, reparation and Start-Up Refrigeration Compressor Revision, Reparation and Maintenance Refrigeration Compressor Coil Winding - Stator Winding
In 1999, based in Izmir city in Turkey, ACS Ltd started to manufacture HVAC product range with key products of Air Handling Units and Cabinet Type Ventilators. Today, manufacturing takes place in the plant facilities based on 6.500 m² outdoor and 3.500m² indoor area in Izmir – Torbali, Turkey. ACS provides products and services across the country via fixed and mobile service stations. In addition to the district branch in Ankara, capital city of Turkey, ACS has authorized sales and service partners abroad. Air handling units (ACUs) Cabinet type ventilators Duct type heat recovery units (ERV/HRVs) Roof and duct type ventilators Steam humidifiers HEPA filter box Laminar Flow Heat Pumps Cooling Groups Air dampers and silencers ACSmart – Automatic Control Roof top Water cooling towers Water cooling groups Fan coils
ISIDEM was founded in 1998 in order to serve HVAC sector. And began the production of rectangular and circular air ducts. By investing on the innovation, technology and production capacity since her foundation ISIDEM has became one of the foremost brand in the HVAC sector. Along with her experience and know-how in the ventilation sector, ISIDEM began the production of flexible air ducts in 2010. As a result of using the newest production technology ISIDEM has one of the highest production capacity in Turkey and in the world. In 2013 ISIDEM has taken the strategic decision to invest the production of elastomeric rubber foam which is widely used in HVAC applications. With this purpose ISIDEM completed the construction of production plants which covers a 60.000 m2 open and 20.000 m2 closed area located in Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone. At the moment, by utilizing the state of the art production and quality control systems ISIDEM continues the production of Coolflex (Elastomeric Rubber Foam), Flexiduct (Flexible Air Ducts) and Duct Connect (Air Duct Connection Accessories) brands in her Eskisehir plant. ISIDEM takes it as a principle to meet customer expectations and demands on time and with an environmental friendly approach and owns EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management systems. Besides ISIDEM is producing its product in compliance with national and international standards. ISIDEM’s Coolflex elastomeric rubber foam production plant in Eskisehir is entitled to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate given by U.S Green Building Council. ISIDEM keeps moving ahead on her path to become the quality, competitive product and service provider.
Sonkar Cooling was founded by Hayrettin CAKMAK in the early 90s. For more than 20 years, we have been serving in almost all areas of the Cooling sector. BASIC VALUES AND TARGETS • Customer happiness • Low Energy Consumption • Quality • Fast Service and Timely Delivery • High-Quality Products and Services • Correct Information • Efficiency • Smooth Operation and Minimum Maintenance Cost • A Clean and Liveable World with Nature-Friendly Products
BIRLIK MENFEZ was founded on 01.05.1987 by Nazim Celik. The plastering master Nazim Celik, who started his commercial life in a small workshop of 30 square meters in Vefa, continued to work in the same district until 1996 and over the years he expanded his workshop and turned it into a large workshop. In 1996, in order to meet the increasing customer demands, the company moved to its own 300 square meter production area in Ikitelli Esot Sanayii Site, and in the same year, BIRLIK TICARET SAC SANAYI LTD. It became a corporation by taking the trade name. In 2000, the machine park was enriched and the usage area was increased to 300 square meters. In 2004, besides semi-finished product production, assembled complete product production started. In 2007, a new department was established to expand the product range and a separate department was opened for culvert manufacturing. In order to meet the increasing demand, new machines were purchased and the usage area was increased to 600 square meters. Since 2014, installation services have been provided for large projects such as mass housing and factory. Birlik Menfez is excited to share its knowledge and experience with you, our valued customers, during its production of over 32 years. Our company, which has an expert staff that has been producing ventilation equipment since its establishment; It manufactures the equipment of Grill, Anemostat, Damper, Shutter, Diffuser, Chimney Hat Venturi, Roof Hat, Suction Funnel, Rotor Funnel, Special Plastering and Ventilation systems.